25.00 - 250.00

Gift Card

Image of Gift Card

Surprise a loved one or yourself with a Black Raptor Tattoo gift voucher. Delivered in a black envelope.

How it works:
- Choose the amount
- Let us know in the comment section of the payment details FROM who and FOR whom it is meant (if necessary)
- We’ll send the voucher by post
- You or the recipient stops by the shop or sends us a message to talk about the desired tattoo design
- We schedule an appointment. You can use the voucher either as advance deposit before the appointment, or as payment during the appointment.
- Valid for a year

Payment via Visa/Mastercard or Paypal. Want to pay via bank transfer? Send us a message on Instagram or Facebook.

Don't feel like paying shipping expenses? All items can be picked up in our shop in Ghent as well. Send us a message via Instagram or Facebook for more info.